Prepainted Aluminum Coil Manufacturers

Haomei Aluminium became one of the top prepainted aluminum coil manufacturers in China with PE and PVDF coating. The purpose of the coating is to apply paint on the surface of the aluminum sheet coil by various methods to form a dry protective film, so that it has the properties of resistance to atmospheric corrosion and pollution to protect the substrate, while giving color, luster, pattern, smoothness, and three-dimensionality, good contact feel and other advantages, make the object beautiful.

prepainted aluminum coil manufacturers

Based on the price of aluminum materials and the limited application range in the home improvement field, the current application ratio of color coated aluminum in the residential field is relatively low. Compared with traditional decorative materials such as gypsum board, wood board, stainless steel and glass, prepainted aluminum coil has obvious excellent characteristics, but its price is relatively high. For example, the price of color coated aluminum coil is about three times the price of steel. Since the price factor is undoubtedly the primary consideration for ordinary residents to choose building decoration materials, color coated aluminum is rarely used as building decoration materials in middle and low-end residential decoration.

In the future, with the increase in the supply of upstream aluminum materials for prepainted aluminum coil manufacturers, the improvement of production technology, and the continuous improvement of residents’ living standards, the application range and proportion of color coated aluminum products in the field of home decoration will further increase. With the improvement of residents’ living standards and the promotion of energy-saving policies, color-coated aluminum will be more widely used in rolling shutter doors, garage doors, sun-shading curtains, external wall insulation materials and other fields. Based on the large number of houses in my country, the development of the residential decoration market in the future It will also drive the development of the color coated aluminum industry.

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