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Color coated aluminium coil is mainly polyester coating and fluorocarbon coating. At present, the thickness of color coated aluminum coil is between 0.3-2.5mm. At present, the mainstream colors are white, red, blue, green, silver gray, wood pattern, etc. Color coated aluminum coil covers single coating, double coating and back coating. The base materials of color coated aluminum coil are 1060 pure aluminum, 3003 aluminum manganese alloy, 3004 aluminum manganese magnesium alloy and 5052 aluminum alloy.

coated aluminium coil

The PVDF coatings of color coated aluminum can be divided into traditional fluorocarbon coatings and nano fluorocarbon coatings. The traditional fluorocarbon coating, which is dried in the oven after two or three passes, has good performance of acid and alkali resistance. It is very durable even in the bad weather environment, and can ensure that it will not fade for 15 years. In view of its characteristics, we suggest you use color coated aluminium in outdoors. The difference between Nano fluorocarbon coating and traditional fluorocarbon coating is varnish. Nano fluorocarbon coating contains nano elements in varnish, which can protect panel from pollution. Because nano has self-cleaning ability, dust and dirt are easily washed away by rain.

The coating of color coated aluminium coil has characteristics as follows:

1, Strong formability and temperature stability;
2, weather resistance;
3, non flammable and non-toxic processing;
4, strong scratch and UV resistance;
5, not brittle when exposed to air and light;
6, surface double coating.

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