Coil coated aluminum sheet PE PVDF

Fluorocarbon paint of coil coated aluminum sheet is corrosion-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, and does not fade and has a long life. The paint layer is uniform and the color is bright, which is  quality assurance and durability. Generally, high-quality 1100, 3003, 5005 aluminum sheet coil are used as substrates to produce color coated aluminum product. The surface coating is divided into fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying, and polyester paint spraying.

coil coated aluminum sheet

Color-coated aluminum coil for decoration are widely used because they have good strength, corrosion resistance, long life, easy forming, easy to clean, no color change, and no pollution. Color coated aluminum sheet are currently the most popular new building material. It is widely used in aluminum composite panels, aluminum veneers, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum ceilings, and roof surface aluminum panels. The surface coating properties are strictly in accordance with customer requirements. The color of coil coated aluminum sheet can be provided by the company to provide standard color cards for customers to choose. Fluorocarbon paint is corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant, and does not fade. The aluminum alloy material can be completely recycled and reused, which is environmentally friendly.

The coil coated aluminum sheet is made of high-quality aluminum sheet coil and is produced in rolls on the aluminum plate rolling mill production line, so it is also called “painted color aluminum sheet”. During the production process, the roller is coated with polyester material, and it can also be coated. After baking and curing, finally packaging. It has strong mechanical properties and good forming ability, strong corrosion resistance, long life, and good decoration, does not pollute the environment, is non-toxic and harmless, and is one of the emerging modern building materials.

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