Coated aluminum sheet with good quality

Color coated aluminum sheet are also called painted aluminum sheet coil and pre-painted aluminum sheet coil. According to the different requirements of customers, purchase the corresponding alloys and corresponding temper color coated aluminum coil. Representatives are: 1100 H18, 1100 H24, 3003 H24, 3004 H24, 5052H24 and other alloys. The production process of the color coated aluminum coil has undergone unwinding, pre-treatment, chromization, drying, roller coating, drying, inspection, winding, packaging single drying and single coating processes, and double drying and double coating with roller coating and drying craft.


coated aluminum sheet


The application of color coated aluminum coil are aluminum composite panel, aluminum magnesium manganese metal roofing, interior wall decoration, exterior wall decoration, steel structure enclosure, downspout, aluminum ceiling, aluminum veneer, thermal insulation pipe, packaging, electronics and other industries. The purpose of coating treatment on color coated aluminum coil is first to have a more beautiful effect in the fields of construction and decoration; second, because the coating process and coating thickness are directly related to the quality and service life of the color coated aluminum coil. Some more complicated coating processes can even make the service life of the aluminum coil reach 30 years.

The coating process directly affects the final coating quality and product durability, and is a more critical step in the production of color coated aluminum sheet. With the continuous improvement of the process and the development of new coatings, the production of color coated aluminum coil has become more mature, and the processing costs have also decreased. Therefore, coated aluminum coils have achieved rapid development and have been widely used in construction, electronic appliances, furniture, solar reflectors and other fields.

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