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Color painted aluminum sheets are important product of aluminum processing, which include degreasing of aluminum substrate, chemical pretreatment and coating process. Typical coating line systems require the produce color coated aluminum sheet products have formability, beautiful surfaces, good weather resistance, and paintability.

painted aluminum sheets

For color prepainted aluminum products, the more critical process is the level of painted aluminum coating technology. In actual production, the roll coating process is currently a more effective method for applying organic protective coatings. The roll coating process is a continuous, highly automated process that produces products with better consistency than post-coating methods. As a leader in the aluminum processing industry, Haomei Aluminium has accumulated rich experience in the production of roller-coated and color-coated aluminum sheets. The roller coating process is strengthened in many aspects to ensure superior performance of color painted aluminum product.

The specification of high quality Haomei painted aluminum sheet product are:
1, Alloy:1000 series: 1050, 1060, 1100, etc.
3000 series: 3003, 3004, 3005, 3105, etc.
5000 series: 5005, 5052, 5754, etc.
2, Thickness: 0.2mm-4.0mm, width: 180mm-1700mm
3, Coating types: pe polyester single coating (15-18 microns)
pe polyester double coating (25 microns)
pvdf fluorocarbon (25 microns)
4, Colors: White, gray, blue, buy color-coated aluminum coil, green, red and other colors can refer to the Raul color card.


The product quality of color painted aluminum sheets is not only determined by the basic properties of the aluminum sheet and coating, but also by the production process and operation control technology. The operation control technology has a great impact on the physical properties and surface quality of the product. From the analysis of the production process, the focus of the painted aluminum production control technology should include cleaning, chemical coating, coating (including initial coating, fine coating), and curing.

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